Day 28: July 12 – Nafplio

Today was a very chill day. We slept in, did some shopping, and had a great dinner. We didn't have an objective for the day other than enjoying the town. For dinner we went to a place we spotted yesterday, but couldn't find a place to sit down because all the tables were taken. We … Continue reading Day 28: July 12 – Nafplio


Day 27: July 11 – Nafplio 

Last night, we decided that today we were going to get up early and hike the Palimidi fortress! But then morning happened. We slept in until about 9:30, and then finally got up, got ready, and went down for breakfast at the hotel. We had missed the 85 degree weather of the morning, and by … Continue reading Day 27: July 11 – Nafplio