Day 25: July 9 – Athens to Nafplio

Today was a day of adventure and travels. We woke up for our final morning in Athens, packed our bags, tidied things up, and ate one final flaky tiropita (cheese pie) for breakfast before heading out to catch the train. We were heading to Nafplio, and had to first take a train to the central … Continue reading Day 25: July 9 – Athens to Nafplio


Day 3: June 17th – London

For a budget hotel, our flimsy shade works surprisingly well at blocking out the light during the sun rise at 4:15am. Shelby and I slept in until about 8:30am. Then we got up, got ready, and walked to a nearby coffee shop for two flat whites for breakfast. One thing that has surprised me since … Continue reading Day 3: June 17th – London