Today we woke up a little earlier and packed up our belongings. It’s become a lot easier to pack up and get ready to move to our next location. We were awake, packed, and ready in under an hour.

We then headed down for one last breakfast at our hotel, and lamented about how we would miss these breakfasts forever. We also realized that Nauplion was the first place that we’ve visited that we did not want to leave. Don’t get me wrong–we’ve really enjoyed every place that we went to. But Nauplion, and Greece in general, has been someplace we could see ourselves staying for a long time.

After breakfast, we walked to the bus station and caught a bus back to the Athens bus terminal. The 2 hour ride was nice and scenic, and we were lucky to sit on the side of the bus that looked out toward the water. When we got to the Athens bus station, we then got on another bus to the airport. We boarded an express bus, which took about 45 minutes, and we could not imagine what the non-express bus would be like.

When we got to the airport, we had a lot of time to kill before our flight left. We made our way through security and got a couple slices of pizza for lunch while we waited. The pizza was terrible.

We eventually boarded the plane, and had a quick 45 min flight to Santorini. We arrived, took a cab to our hotel, and checked in to our room. The room looked incredible. It was huge and decorated in the style of buildings in Santorini (white and blue).




After checking in, we decided to walk to the town near where we were staying, and eat some dinner. The town was essentially a long stretch of a boardwalk overlooking the ocean. It had restaurants on one side, and seating right on the beach. Everyone who worked at a restaurant would stand outside and try to get passersby to eat there. We were kind of put off by the frenzy, and it was clear that this was a very touristy place. But we eventually found a restaurant that had a good deal on seafood, and decided to eat.


We ordered a seafood platter and it was insane. Have we mentioned the value that you get here in Greece?! We spent less than €30 and received 2 whole fish, a whole squid, a large octopus tentacle, mussels, a swordfish filet, fries, and rice. It was incredible and very tasty. So far Santorini is a bit more touristy and busy than we expected, but it’s off to a good start.



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