Day 26: July 10 – Nafplio

We started today by getting some breakfast at our hotel. The breakfast is 6 euros/person and people raved about it online. Given that most of the recommendations we’ve received from websites like Trip Advisor, Booking, etc. have been different from our experiences [re: they sucked], we were a bit skeptical about breakfast. However, it was delicious. Breakfast is a fixed menu that is served at your table (or room balcony) and includes fresh bread, hard boiled eggs, ham and cheese paninis, Greek yogurt, orange cake, apricot marmalade, honey, butter, and fruits in syrup. It also comes with fresh orange juice and whatever espresso or tea you’d like. Everything is homemade, filling, and delicious.

“The best yogurt, orange juice, spoon fruit, and orange cake I ever had, all homemade!” – Shelby


Breakfast is a steal. We were so happy.

After breakfast, we walked into the shopping area and bought a thin towel/blanket/scarf to use at the beach. Instead of opting for a standard beach towel, we got something that matched the local vibe and could be used for more than one purpose. We then put our suits on and headed to Arvanitia beach.

There are two bechea in Nafplio: a rocky beach and a sandy beach. When I studied in Greece, our group went to the sandy beach and it was great. However, the rocky beach was only a 5 minute walk from our hotel, so we headed that way.


The rocky beach has both public and private areas, but since the private areas have lounge chairs, we decided to check that out. We lucked out and got a great spot right by the stairs to get into the water, and the view was incredible.

We spent the next 4 hours laying in the chairs and swimming in the water. The water was beautiful and so clear, and the waves were small and relaxing. It was so much fun.

We headed back to the hotel around 4:30pm, showered, and decided to grab some food around 7:30. We first went to a restaurant overlooking the Bourtzi fortress, but they didn’t have a lot of food, so we just got a small snack and then moved on.

We ended up finding this restaurant tucked away down a small street. There were a lot of people eating, so we thought it must be good. We sat at a table with a great view of the street, and ordered cooked greens, sweet peppers stuffed with feta, and veal in a lemon cream sauce. We also got half a liter of wine for 2.5 euros because who can pass on that? The food was really tasty, but we suddenly didn’t feel very well. I think the combination of sitting in 100 degree heat all day + alcohol + a small side street with no breeze (it was still around 90 outside) = 2 nauseous honeymooners. We embraced the Greek concept of slow eating, and took our time with the meal. As it cooled a bit outside, we started to feel better and really enjoyed the food. We didn’t get back to the hotel until late because we spent 3 hours eating, but it was worth it.

“I think we were a bit dehydrated, but it was the first time we took longer than the locals to eat.” – Shelby



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