2017-07-22_12-41-58_259After all our traveling yesterday, we decided to take it easy today and just wander around to the sites we are staying near. But first, we got some coffee from the same cafe we ate dinner at yesterday. The cafe had great flat whites and also gave us cookies and water on the house. Energized for the day, we started walking to the Athens Dimotiki Agora, or Central Athens Public Market.

The main offering at the agora is sea food but you can also find a lot of lamb, pork, sausage, and produce. 2017-07-22_12-42-46_247We toured the market and then found a restaurant with a great view of the shops called Oinomageireio. Instead of menus you point to what you want or ask the staff what they have. We got a whole fish, greens, stuffed peppers, and bread. It was on of the best meals we had on our trip! Everything seemed fresh and it was cheap too.

After the market we just wandered though the streets and stumbled on another church among the shops. Then we decided to go see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We didn’t stay for the changing of the guard because it was so hot, but we did watch the soldiers march around in slow motion. Next we walked to the nearby National Garden to cool off under the trees.


It was nice to walk around the garden where it was cooler and away from all the traffic noise of the city. After working up an appetite, we went to a highly rated cafe Kay found for dinner. We expected Makalo to have traditional Greek food but were surprised to learn they had limited menu of modern food developed by the restaurant. At first we were disappointed, but after tasting our choices, we were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was! The online ratings were right! After our meal we decided to grab a drink at one of the bars by our apartment and then head in for the night.


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