On the road to Greece! We were sad to leave Italy this morning but were also excited to get to Greece. We had been in Italy for almost a week, ten days actually, and we were already used to our migrating lifestyle and thus ready to see more of Europe. So we ate a quick breakfast at the hotel and walked to the train station to catch a ride back to Naples. Unfortunately, our timing was a bit off because the train schedules aren’t available online, and we had to wait around an hour for the train to arrive. Eventually we boarded though and left for Naples.

The plan was to arrive in Naples and get a bus to the airport, but this proved rather difficult because there weren’t many signs, so we decided to just take a taxi. We were worried about missing our flight since the train took so much of our time and hoped a taxi would be faster, which it was. It was our first time in a taxi in Italy, or in Europe for that matter, and it was quite an exciting experience. We paid for the flat rate to the airport so our diver was motivated to get us there asap, so we had quite the hair raising ride though traffic. We made it quickly yet safely to the airport and made it though security without any problems. It was similar to the United State’s TSA security, but as if everyone had TSA pre-check. There were only X-ray machines for bags and metal detectors for people, no body scanners or hand testing, so the line moved very fast.

AirportSushiNaplesWe found our gate and decided to grab some late lunch at a sushi place. We hadn’t had any since we left Maryland and the other restaurant in the terminal looked like it would take a long time. I was surprised that the sushi was actually pretty good and reasonably priced. After our quick bite, we grabbed our bags and boarded our first flight since London. It was weird to be taking an airplane again after so many trains.

After the short flight, we took the train to Syntagma Square and walked the rest of the way to our Airbnb. The apartment turned out to be the best Airbnb of the whole trip. It was big with two air conditioners, a balcony, washing machine, nice kitchen area, and a private elevator right in the room. We were hungry after all the traveling and decided to just grab some 2€ gyros and Greek salad at Cafe Antonis on the corner. The food was amazing! It was so good to have fresh veggies and not feel so heavy from carbs after Italy.

Then we went in search of a grocery store to buy some laundry soap and Greek wine. Along the way we discovered two churches among the modern shops and restaurants. The first was a tiny church called Agia Dynamis, which was hidden under an awning of a hotel that seemed to be built around the landmark.

It was a site to behold with a tiny historic church engulfed by a modern sparkling hotel. The other church was bigger and in a small courtyard, sounded by larger buildings, and was called Agion Theodoron. We finally found the store and ended the day with laundry and the traditional wine used for the Greek Orthodox Eucharist.



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