Today we got up and decided to grab some breakfast at our hostel. The breakfast was ok, but definitely not the best we’ve had–they had a small buffet of stale croissants and watered down coffee, but it was free, so we were happy. The hostel that we’re staying at is also pretty nice for a hostel, but it’s different than the hotels or Airbnb’s that we’ve stayed in on this trip. We have a private double room, which is about as large if not larger than our hotel room in London, and we are even lucky enough to have a private bathroom. The hostel is clean, but there are a ton of weird rules: don’t put anything in the sink, no food or drinks in the room, must strip bed and carry linens to reception when you check out, etc. There are also a ton of younger people staying at the hostel–we feel old.

IMG_4441After breakfast we hopped on the train for a quick ride to the neighboring town, Sorrento. We were about a 15 minute walk away, but after the excursion we had yesterday, we decided to take things a bit easier today. Sorrento is an adorable, bustling beach town of picturesque buildings and gorgeous landscapes of the cliffs and sea. We strolled through the town and eventually stopped for a quick lunch at a cafe. Shelby got an omelette, and I think it was her favorite meal in Italy, mainly because it was the first meal in a week that wasn’t 90% carbs. Don’t get me wrong, pizza, pasta, and bread are all delicious…but you just can’t eat them every meal for 7 days straight without craving a little protein and vegetables.

IMG_4449After lunch, we wandered to a bridge overlooking this old watermill. The mill was covered in wild greenery, and we both had some serious vertigo looking down at this beautiful site. We then went shopping through the town.

We learned that Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast are known for making limoncello, a sweet lemon liqueur. We went into one shop that was run by three older women who gave us free lemon candies, shots of limoncello, and creamy limoncello (an even sweeter version of the liqueur). All of it was delicious, and it was fun to talk to locals in the area. We also came across many shops that had incredible wood carved tables, boxes, and chess sets. They were gorgeous.

2017-07-21_13-32-59_583After mostly window shopping for hours, we made our way to the water. First we found an overlook perched on a cliff above the sea. It was breathtaking to watch the water, the cliffs, the greenery, and the town all together in one view.

We then made our way down many stairs to reach the water itself. We walked down a dock, all the way to the end, and found a surprisingly uncrowded area to sit with our feet dangling off the dock, almost reaching the water. The water was so clear and blue that we could see schools of fish swimming below us. We stayed there for a while until eventually realizing that we were hungry and should probably eat before heading to our hotel.

We ate at a restaurant that was situated on another dock that came out into the water. The food was fresh and very tasty, and it was nice to sit as the sun set, watching the waves and the town.


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