one of the streets in Herculaneum

After our last night in Rome, we woke up, packed up, and headed out for our train. We first went to Naples then switched trains and got off at Herculaneum. We had planned to go to Pompeii, but after some research I decided that we would be happier going to Herculaneum. Like Pompeii, the town was destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, however much more of Pompeii was ruined. Herculaneum is smaller and only partially excavated because a modern town is sitting on two-thirds of the site.

The ancient town was covered by pyroclastic material soon after the eruption, so many of the buildings survived intact. This even included wooden doors, posts, a bed, pottery, paintings, and exquisitely tiled floors. The volcano also preserved the bones, clothing, and tools that the people were carrying like a medical kit, soldier’s gear, and jewelry.

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It was our favorite archeological site by far! You could walk down down the roads, go into the houses, and see where people ate and cooked in the restaurants. It was incredible to see the town without having to use much imagination as you do with so many sites that are just ruins. There was also plenty of shade if you needed it, and while there were other people, it wasn’t crowded at all. We also got in for free, but decided to pay for one of the audio guides, which was worth all 8€. It was the best guides we have had the whole trip and we didn’t even listen to it all because it had around 50 separate entries.

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After Herculaneum we walked back to the train station but stopped to grab a sandwich to go. Unfortunately, we picked a bad place and the owner kinda ripped us off. We ordered two sandwiches and paid 10€, but when we got to the station and started eating we realized that our sandwiches were really just bread with a tiny amount of ingredients. Kay ordered sausage and cheese, but got three coin sized pieces of salami and bread, no cheese.  My sandwich was similar. Fortunately we had a little packet of oil and vinegar we bought in Rome that we poured on the sandwiches so it wasn’t just dry bread. We ate while we waited on our train to Sant’Agnello, where our hotel was for the next two nights.

After we arrived at Hotel 7, we unpacked and grabbed some food from the hotel kitchen before we crashed for the night. The room was small but clean, airconditioned, and had a great view so we were happy. The hotel also had a great rooftop lounge area with music.






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