2017-07-08_21-59-19_841We had a very interesting day that started pretty normally. We awoke to a thunderstorm that wasn’t on the weather forecast, even as it was raining. We thought it would probably pass, so we decided to keep our plan for the day. We had hard boiled eggs and coffee for breakfast and hopped on the bus to the MAXXI modern art museum.
The rain had mostly cleared by the time we got there, and we went in to buy a RomaPass. The pass covers 72 hours of public transportation, two free museum tickets with skiping the line to get in, and discounts on other museums. When we looked up information on the pass it said you could purchase them at all participating museum locations, including the MAXXI. However, when we got there and tried to buy the passes, the ticket office said they didn’t carry them.
2017-07-08_22-00-02_354After some discussion, we decided to go get the pass and come back to the MAXXI another day because it was an expensive museum and we had other stuff planned for the afternoon. It had started sprinkling again but it wasn’t too bad. We walked across the river and waited for our bus but had some problems. There were two bus stops and as the bus was pulling up, we decided we should be at the other stop instead. The buses had the same number and name so it was confusing. Turned out we were at the right stop to begin with. But alas, we didn’t discover this until we hopped on the wrong bus and watched as the little blue dot of our phone GPS took us in the opposite direction. So we took a scenic tour of the Roman suburbs, and stayed on the bus to the end of the line, which was a train station if you were curious. We then took the bus all the way back around. By this time our 100 minute tickets had expired but we didn’t want to get off and try to find another place to buy more tickets. We didn’t get our tickets checked (another public transport crisis averted) so it turned out okay. We just got a free hour bus tour of a non-touristy area of Rome, including not one, but two good looks at the Olympic Stadium.
IMG_4021After our adventure on the bus, we finally got to the metro and bought our RomaPasses before heading to the Spanish Steps. We were going to meet another free walking tour at 4pm but we missed it because of our long bus excursion. So instead we decided to just walk around the old part of the city and see what we found. First of course, we saw the Spanish steps or more accurately, the Piazza di Spagna and the Fountain of the Ugly Boat or the Fontana della Barcaccia. Next we walked toward the Trevi Fountain but stumbled on the Oratorio del Santissimo Sacramento al Tritone on the way. I can’t help but be astonished by the feelings these ornate churches give off when you go inside. They are so different from the Southern Baptist church I grew up attending.
2017-07-08_22-04-59_278Onto one of the most iconic fountains in Rome… the Trevi Fountain! Even with all the tourists vying for pictures and coin tosses, the fountain was spectacular. It is in great condition and beautiful to look at. I couldn’t help wanting to swim around in the water. Unfortunately, it was very crowded so we didn’t stay long. Instead we took some pictures and wandered though the streets of Rome. We looked at shops and stopped to view anything that caught our attention. We eventually ended up at the Pantheon. While it is quite old and it is interesting, we weren’t as impressed by it as some of the other things we have seen on the trip. We went inside and made a quick circuit to look at the Christian art before going down a side street and buying some gelato.
IMG_4048After our refreshing snack we continued our wandering and stumbled on the San Marcello al Corso which was the prettiest church we had visited so far in Rome. We continued our tour of the city but finally grew hungry and decided to have dinner before heading to the hotel.
We stopped at a restaurant close to the Trevi Fountain, had a pretty tasty (but not spectacular) lasagna dinner, walked around some of the cute shops before buying a bottle of Italian wine, and headed home for the night.

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