We woke up early and headed right to the train station. It was weird to be leaving so quickly after only getting to Switzerland the day before; so we were sad to go, but we were both excited to see Italy too. After finding our platform we found a little shop to grab some sandwiches and juice for our long train ride to Rome! Navigating the trains was easy again and we didn’t have any issues. The landscape as we rode the first leg of the trip was breathtaking. The mountains topped with snow surrounded by water and green flora seemed to be a movie set it was so picturesque.

We switched trains in Milan and went from the national lines we had been on to a private Italian company line. The train was much nicer inside, with leather seats, free refreshments, and lots of leg room. The other trains were fine but this one was our favorite, not counting the scenery. After Milan the views were were nice but completely overshadowed by Switzerland.

Overall, both Shelby and I love traveling via train vs. plane. Even with our train issues from Paris to Zürich, our train journeys have been more enjoyable than most plane rides. With almost every long-distance train we’ve been on, we’ve had large, comfortable seats, great scenery, and clean, large bathrooms. There’s also no TSA or long security lines pre-boarding. You just show up at the train station 15 minutes before you’re scheduled to leave, find the platform, and you’re good to go. It’s great, and the Italo train from Milan to Rome was by far our favorite, as Shelby mentioned above. – Kay


After we got off the train in Rome, we took a bus and went to find our hotel. The hotel was amazing! We booked it through Airbnb but it’s a hotel with a 24 hour front desk reception. The air conditioning works great, it has a small kitchen, and a great location. After dropping our stuff off and cooling off for a bit we went exploring the area. We found an awesome cheese shop and local grocery store. Then Kay found a cute little pizza place for dinner called Pinsere e Parole, which was so good! After pizza we headed back and relaxed for the night.

We were both elated to be in Rome. Everywhere you look there are historic sites, art, and delicious food!


One thought on “Day 12: June 26 – Ciao Roma! 

  1. Glad to see you both are catching up on your blog. This will be great for you both to read over and over again in the years to come! I am glad we are able to talk in person sometimes too!

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