We woke up early today, packed everything up, and said goodbye to our temporary Parisian home. We took the bus for the first and last time in Paris, and headed to the train station for our trip to Zurich. Everything was easy and we had extra time at the station to get some espresso and croissants for breakfast. Our luck ran out on the train though. Our train was supposed take us all the way to Switzerland, but problems with the train meant all passengers had to get off at a a random station in France.


All was not lost though as the conductors put us on another train that was already headed the right direction.There were a lot of other passengers that were going to Zurich as well and it was a smaller train so we all crammed in with the other passengers already on the train. While we waited for our new ride, we hunted down some lunch inside the tiny train station and found some snacks in a vending machine.

Our second leg was less eventful, but we were also informed that we would have to switch trains again at another stop called Basel, and we only had 18 minutes to make it to the third train. The third train was already at the station, and we practally ran to reach it before it left. It was a long way away from our platform and we were again grateful we had backpacks rather than the heavy suitcases to maneuver up and down stairs. There were quite a few people who didn’t make it and were left behind. This third train finally took us the rest of the way to Zurich.


Once we arrived, we had a short walk to our hotel and checked in. We were disappointed that the room did not have air conditioning, but did like how clean and nice the room felt. After dropping off our backpacks, we went and grabbed an early dinner at a stand near the hotel. We got a chicken leg, currywurst sausage, fries, and a couple of beers. This was the cheapest thing we could find but it set us back more than 25 francs (about $26 USD) for street food. For a plate of food at a regular, but still ‘cheap’ restaurant it was at least 16 francs per person, not including drinks.

Then we headed down to the lake which as around a mile away. It was hot in Switzerland and it seemed like we were following the heat wave from Paris. 2017-06-26_23-44-59_705There were other people out walking as well, and we got to see the beautiful old church’s and buildings of Zurich.

Unfortunately, almost all the shops were closed because it was Sunday. At the lake we watched swans, sail boats, and paddle boarders play in the water. After about an hour we headed back to the hotel to shower and relax a bit. We wished we had time to join everyone in the lake but know we would need to get up early so we called it a night.


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