We accidentally slept in till 11 today. We definitely needed the rest and we didn’t have anything important planned for the morning so it wasn’t a big loss. We did have plans for the afternoon though so we quickly got ready and grabbed a couple of flat whites before hopping on the tube. 2017-06-20_12-04-34_067

We went to Skygarden for our reservation at 12:30. The tickets were free but Kay had to get them online weeks ago because they run out. The Sky Garden is basically a greenhouse and cafe on the top floor of a skyscraper.

The view is breathtaking! The glass goes around the whole building for a 360 view of London. 2017-06-20_12-45-42_035We could see the Tower of London, the river and bridges, Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster Abby, and everything else in the area. We didn’t get any food or drinks but they were responsibly priced except for the fancy restaurant that was in the middle of the building.

After Sky Garden we made the short walk to Leadenhall Market. It’s a historical market with old architecture, shops, and restaurants. 2017-06-20_14-05-05_711We found some reasonably priced fish cakes at Chamberlain’s. We got two fish cakes, some chips (fries), a pickled egg, and some sauces. The women who helped us also threw in a free strip of fried cod and an extra pickled egg. We ate standing up by the walkway with the other people eating fast food in the market.

Most of the people looked like they were coming in for lunch from their white collar jobs. Leadenhall market is not a fleemarket selling junk and produce, but a higher end area for shops and food for locals. It was a great experience to walk along with people taking a break from work. We also got a pint of London Gold at Old Tom’s and watched a pair of men have their afternoon tea. IMG_3603It was great to get out of the heat since the pub was in the basement and read about the history of the place.

After cooling off with a pint we went shopping for some sunglasses. We found a pair for Kay at New Look, which is basically an H&M. Then we made a loop on the London Bridge and made sure to stop and look at the monument to the fire of London before heading back toward the hotel. For dinner we just made a quick stop in a pie shop and ate steak & mushroom pie, shepherd’s pie, and mushy peas.


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