Today was my favorite day in London. Shelby and I had an easy morning. We’re starting to realize that our daily activities take a lot out of us, and we need an occasional morning to sleep in and recover. We slept in, got up and got ready, and then took the bus to the other side of London for afternoon tea.

2017-06-19_15-05-13_000Shelby did the research for this adventure, and she put a lot of work into finding a nut free afternoon tea experience. The place that we went to was perfect. They were open for afternoon tea only from 2-5, and although rather empty, the food and tea were amazing. We each got a pot of tea and were served a 3-tiered assortments of cakes, parfaits, scones, clotted cream, preserves, and sandwiches. My favorite thing were the scones with clotted cream, and Shelby loved the lemon cake. The food was delicious, and this was such a fun dining experience.

2017-06-20_00-23-04_173.jpegAfter tea, we hopped on the metro and transferred to a train that takes you a bit outside of the city. One of the few activities that we booked tickets for prior to leaving the states was the Harry Potter Studio Tour. ⚡️ Im so glad that we booked this because the tour was incredible. We got to walk through the real dining hall that they used for filming, the Griffindor dormitory and other sets, props, masks, models, paintings, and more. We also drank butterbeer, and got to sit in Hagrids motorcycle. IMG_3509I really cannot say enough about this experience. It really was magical. Hands down this was my favorite thing on our trip.

After staying as long as we could at Harry Potter, we caught the last bus to the train station and made our way back to the hotel. Today was my favorite day on our trip, and I think we’re starting to realize that we prefer experiences to seeing sites. The experiences that we had today were so much fun, and I can’t wait for more.

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