Today we woke up around nine and decided to pay £5.50 for the hotel breakfast. It’s a pretty good spread with cereal, yogurt, fruit, breads, cheeses, deli meat, and pastries, along with all the espresso and juice you can drink. Since we are trying to save money, especially in London with prices so high, we ate a big breakfast and took some apples and the cheese sticks to go in Kay’s bag.


Then we took the dubble decker busses for the first time and went to the British Museum. It was spectacular with exhibits that I have read about and seen in documentaries. After five hours our brains were about to explode and we were hungry so we ate our cheese and fruit for a free lunch before leaving for the Tower of London.

We only had a few hours at the Tower, since we stayed at the British Museum so long, but we timed it right and there was a free Beefeater tour which was about to start when we arrived. img_3356.jpgThe tour was okay, but the best part was wondering around ourselves and seeing all the historic buildings. I loved the graffiti left by the prisoners held in the tower, and Kay loved knowing that important historical figures had called the Tower home. 2017-06-18_15-58-14_340.jpegWe also saw the Crown Jewels but neither of us were that impressed with the extravagant display of wealth. We prefered the historical sites and experiences more.

IMG_3396We stayed until the Beefeaters kicked everyone out, and then we tried to find some local food. We tried to eat at Keepers but just ended up ordering some drinks because they weren’t sure about accommodating Kay’s peanut allergy. I had a Hiver honey beer and Kay had a gin and tonic. The honey beer is made with local honey and the server told us that if we wanted the owner gives tours of the hives and beer making process outside of London. 2017-06-18_19-02-22_197They also had placed hives on the roof of the restaurant but they weren’t mature enough to harvest yet.

After the drinks, we went to Liberty Bounds and got some fish and chips with peas. The pub had historical portraits and information about the city on the walls. The food was great and it had a good atmosphere. After all the walking in the heat and the heavy food we were exhausted so we headed back to the hotel for the night.


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