Day one of our Honeymoon adventure! We left Baltimore International Airport (BWI) around 7pm on Wow Airlines to London. Our plane boarded about thirty minutes late but that didn’t cause any problems for our layover in Iceland.

The six hour flight left a few things to be desired. The airline had messed up a lot of people’s seating assignments so the nice seats we paid extra for went to someone else and we ended up with middle/isle seats instead of sitting in the emergency exit row which had only two seats. Other passengers were upset too, like the man that paid for business class and instead got a seat close to us in the middle of the plane. The people that ended up getting our nice seats celebrated with at least half a dozen drinks and boisterous conversation during the flight to Iceland. Between our loud neighbors and a never-setting-sun, we didn’t manage to get any sleep on the plane ride. The second leg of the trip was less eventful though, and Kay managed to catch some zzz’s during the shorter 3 hour flight to London.

We arrived at London’s Gatwick (LGW) airport around 10:00am or 11:00am and we went though customs without any hassle. We got some airport coffee and some cash from the ATM before visiting the train ticket counter and getting detailed directions to the hotel via the above ground train and buying an all-day train pass.

Something I didn’t know about London, but I already read about other parts of Europe, is that coffee is not the preferred way to ingest roasted coffee bean extract, instead espresso drinks dominate the market. I thought London would still have quite a bit of coffee, but I have only found one shop that actually carries any kind of regular coffee. I don’t mind, and actually love the flat whites here, but was surprised by the discovery.

2017-06-17_07-30-11_000+(2017-06-19T09_29_03.202)The train station was connected to the airport and the system was easy to navigate. The District line took us very close to our hotel in London, leaving us to walk less than a block. Once we arrived we took showers and took a much needed two hour nap.  I hadn’t slept in over 24 hours and can no longer pull all-nighters and keep going like I could in undergrad.  After the rest and showers we realized how hungry we were and went in search of something to eat. We walked around our new neighborhood and found a cute restaurant specializing in pizza & cider called The Stable.

2017-06-16 18.20.51

We got a cider, a London Pride beer, a lamb pizza, and a veggie pie (like a meat pie but just veggies). The food was amazing and we felt much better with our first real meal. If you are ever in the area, check this place out!

After food, we decided to take the train into the heart of the city and just look around. We didn’t have a plan but we had an all-day train ticket to use so we randomly picked Westminster Station to check out. It took us right to see Big Ben, Westminster Abby, and the House of Parliament. Then we wandered to the river before heading back to the hotel for some well deserved sleep.

River view of the London Eye




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